Hedda Bjerkeli

Jewellery & Object

© Hedda Bjerkeli  2014

I like beautiful things that don’t quite match, that disturb the eye.

The essence of my work is shape/material/color. I do investigational work with stone and jewellery. I want color of the stone, but not its weight. Therefor I use a technic were I crush the stone into fine powder and mix it with resin to give it a shape again.

I like round shapes, I like when round shapes meet and that they meet several times. Either if they are firmly pressed against each other or just gently put beside one another, they are influenced with the tension that emerge and are shaped in that moment. I am inspired by everything that grows, the changes of a physical body. My jewelleries are natural forms that grow out of something and grow into something new that continues of its own.

I like beautiful things that don’t quite match, that disturb the eye. Disturbing is how life is. I want to show something beautiful in my jewellery, something that I like and care about. At the same time there is a presence of something unknown and disturbing. There is no such thing as perfect. There is a wish and a lust for something perfect. But being perfect is not possible because the shape is then identical with an idea or a thought of how perfect should look like. My process of making these jewelleries is a search for a shape that gives the eye pleasance and satisfaction, but at the same time curiosity and challenge.